Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maisy's Train

Maisy's Train: A Maisy Shaped Board Bookby Lucy Cousins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Category: Board Book

Age: 6 months - 18 months

Synopsis: The Maisy the Mouse book series hails from England and features cutesy drawings in primary colors with simple text chronicling the adventures of Maisy and her animal friends. This particular one is a sturdy board book in which Maisy and her friends take a train ride into the country, up a mountain, down into a valley, and through a tunnel.

Bilingual benefit: The text is simple but highly useful. Due to this book, our son started using his first phrases, which have permanently become part of our family’s lexicon. Whenever we pass beneath a freeway underpass, my son declares “through the tunnel” and my husband always completes it with “and out into the sunshine.” The book is also useful in introducing the names of animals.

Availability in Israel: The Maisy the Mouse books are ubiquitous in Israel and I have always found at least one in the series in Steimatzky or Tzomet Sfarim. I found this particular book in Tel Aviv, although I do not recall if it was Steimatzky or Tzomet Sfarim. As Maisy appears to be a regular part of the two major chains' inventory, it might be worthwhile to ask them to order it directly and call you when it arrives in the store if you are unable to find it on your own.

Previewing the book: The book is available for preview on Amazon UK, although not on Amazon USA. I was also able to find a woman reading it on YouTube by googling “Maisy’s Train.” (last checked 30/09/2014)

Lil guy’s rating: An all-time favorite.

Mama’s rating: Highly recommended. I would buy this again and for a friend.

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