Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Summer (Beginner Books)by Alice Low
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Category: Hardcover

Age: 1-6+ years

Synopsis: “Summer” sweetly describes all the fun ways to enjoy summer. This book features adorable drawings by the illustrator of “Snow,” which was previously reviewed on this blog.

Bilingual benefit: “Summer” is a part of the Dr. Seuss Beginner Book series intended for new readers. As a new reader book, the simple language rhymes well and has a sing-song rhythm. For those familiar with Israel, the illustrations may remind you of life on a kibbutz. For Americans living abroad, the book may remind you of some childhood charms – a Ferris wheel at a summer fair, fireworks, an ice cream truck, and nighttime fireflies.

Availability in Israel: While this book is not available in Israel, it can be ordered online via Amazon USA.

Previewing the book: This book is available for preview on Amazon USA. (last checked 7/10/2014)

Lil guy: A regular read.

Mama: I would buy this again and for a friend.

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