Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Going-To-Bed Book

The Going-To-Bed Bookby Sandra Boynton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Category: Boardbook

Age: 1-3+ years

Synopsis: This sturdy boardbook is another delightful treasure from Sandra Boynton, author of “Hippos Go Berserk!” which received a 5 star rating on this blog. In “The Going to Bed Book,” our little animal friends prepare for bedtime on a boat.

Bilingual benefit: With wit and silliness, the book introduces English expressions for preparing for bedtime. As the book rhymes very well, it is fun to read out loud.

Availability in Israel: I found this boardbook in Steimatzky in Tel Aviv. As both major chains, Steimatzky and Tzomet Sfarim, occasionally carry this particular book by Ms. Boynton, you can probably ask them to order the book for you if you are unable to find it in one of their brick and mortar stores. In addition, the book is available for order on Amazon USA.

Previewing the book: This book is available for preview on Amazon USA. (last checked 7/10/2014)

Lil guy: A regular read.

Mama: I would buy this again and for a friend.

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