Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Lion Who Loved Strawberries (האריה שאהב תות)

האריה שאהב רק תות by Tirtza Atar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Category: Hardcover (available in Hebrew only)

Hebrew Title: האריה שאהב תות

Author’s Name in Hebrew: תרצה אתר

Age: 2-6+ years

Synopsis: A lion with finicky eating habits experiences the ups and downs of eating too many strawberries.

Bilingual benefit: This humorous Hebrew language picture book, which is a top read in preschools and homes in Israel, encourages picky eaters to explore new foods. The story features popular Israeli food items, such as kebab (קבב) and artik (ארטיק), as well as the Hebrew version of “yucky” - “fooyah” (פויה).

Availability in Israel: As this Hebrew language book is very popular in Israel, you can easily find it in the major chains in Israel, Steimatzky and Tzomet Sfarim.

Previewing the book: A Google search of the Hebrew title of this book will yield many excerpts, including videos of people reading it out loud.

Lil guy: A lion that exclaims “fooyah”! Hysterical. A regular read in general and one of the most frequently requested Hebrew books.

Mama: Highly recommended. As a non-native Hebrew speaker, the first time that I read this book out loud, I misread “fooyah” as “pooyah,” which my son found just as funny. Due to this delightful book, we have added “fooyah” and its newly invented cousin, “pooyah,” to our family’s lexicon.

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