Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (הזחל הרעב)

by Eric Carle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Category: Boardbook (available in English and Hebrew)

Hebrew Title: הזחל הרעב

Author’s Name in Hebrew: אריק קרל

Age: 1-3+ years

Synopsis: In this classic book from Eric Carle, a ravenous caterpillar eats, eats, and eats until he turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Bilingual benefit: Both the English and Hebrew versions introduce counting and the days of the week. In addition, the board book version is fun for little fingers with its different sized pages and holes in the food items that the caterpillar has eaten. Non-native or new Hebrew-speaking children might enjoy reading the Hebrew version in conjunction with the classic English version.

Availability in Israel: The English and Hebrew versions are both available in the major chains in Israel, Steimatzky and Tzomet Sfarim. In addition, the English version can be purchased online on Amazon USA.

Previewing the book: The English version is available for preview on Amazon USA. In addition, you can find a video of the Hebrew version being read out loud on YouTube by googling the Hebrew title (הזחל הרעב). (last checked 10/12/2014)

Lil guy: An occasional read with Mama. More often “reads” it to himself.

Mama: Although I enjoyed this book as a child, it did not speak to me as an adult. However, my son enjoys it and my hubby, who is a native Hebrew-speaker and did not grow up with the book, often refers to it when commenting on our toddler’s eating habits. As it is readily available in English and Hebrew in Israel, it may be worthwhile to add it to your personal library or to borrow a copy from the public library, the preschool (גן), or a friend.

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